2/15 Field Regiment



The Australian gunner, in the succession of wars in which Great Britain has been engaged, has fought with honour and distinction.

The gunners of the 2/15th probably established a record. They were in continual contact with the enemy for about 150 miles of rearguard action, always ready to comply with infantry requests and the monumental fire programs ordered by higher command.


In the first five days on the Malayan peninsula 7,915 rounds were fired in the Gemas Segamat sector and 6,915 rounds were fired by 65 Battery from Muar to Parit Sulong. In the final engagement on the mainland, from Ayer Hitarn to Kular, 8,419 rounds were fired. Covering the last troops to be withdrawn from the mainland, D and B Troops at the 171/4 Mile Peg fought the last artillery battle of all the allied regiments on the peninsula.


On Singapore Island the Regiment met the main line of the Japanese attack They sent in waves of infantry, 13 battalions against an undermanned coast line held by three Australian battalions, the 2/18th, 2/19th and 2/20th, on a front of 17,000 yards. The Regiment was the sole artillery support of these indefensible positions, firing 4,800 rounds before being forced to retire.


Gun positions ranged from pigsty's, fowl runs and cowsheds to the luxurious gardens of Singapore's elite suburbia.


The ammunitions count 1,184 rounds in "non operational" period, January 31 to February 8, while awaiting the Japanese attack 4,944 rounds on February 89 (mostly from 10.30pm to 4.00am.) and 8,952 rounds on January 1112 in the battles of the Reformatory Road and Bukit Timah areas. As a result of the carnage inflicted on the Japanese, they later built a memorial at Buldt Timah, dedicated to their fallen.


In the campaign the Regiment fired more than 45,000 rounds,


There was to be no sea escape; no Gallipoli, no Dunkirk no Greece, no Crete, no Tobruk whence other Australians had been evacuated after defeat to go on to eventual victory There would be no chance of opening another front All that would be open would be the portals to the many hells beyond that of Changi.




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